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INTOTO studio is an inquisitive practice, focused on finding solutions that maximize potential, and positively impact their environments and the people who inhabit them. Through design, we strive to make places that enrich everyday experiences. We respond to the history and context, we think across scales, and we challenge notions of materiality, seeing design as an organizer that collects influences and neutralizes chaos within the civic realm. 


We are an architectural practice with a primary focus of providing high quality design that serves the communities with which we work.  While community-based projects can be limited on resources and often face a range of challenges, we believe that beautiful, thoughtful, and authentic design is always possible, and we draw on the inspiration and framework of context, budget and constructibility.  Our more than 30 years of experience ranges from small renovations and adaptive reuse to large education facilities; no project is too small and each has unique potential. 


We don’t rely on formulaic predetermined outputs; every question has a unique answer. We approach projects analytically, acquiring knowledge and editing out excess while, at the same time, applying a deep sensitivity to our work and how it serves the community.  We are continually learning from our communities, clients, consultants, and building users through a collaborative process of meaningful engagement.  We utilize the resources at hand to achieve the greatest outcome possible, seeking solutions in which design elements perform multiple tasks or have hybrid functions. 


While we are fascinated by the urban condition, we are equally inspired by the beauty of natural settings, and celebrate the role of design across the spectrum, from the bustling energy of NYC, to the diversity of Los Angeles, the factories of Detroit and the dunes of Lake Michigan. Each context influences the people who live and work within it, and each design should uniquely express each place.